10 tips and tricks to grow on Instagram

1) Always post relative content

A vertical is as important as the content you post. Pick a specific category to post about
and stay consistent. Once in a while you can go off brand to post something you feel is
important but never forget about the page brand.

2) Get viral 

POST VIRAL VIDEOS! I can’t emphasize this enough. Viral videos can end up on the
explore page, the explore page drives traffic back to your Instagram page which
converts to REAL FOLLOWERS who like what you are posting!
Now, viral videos can be anything. It can be a different type of makeup tutorial, it can be
a TikTok ‘Zoom’ video that’s trending, it can even be a fist fight (because who doesn’t
like to watch fist fights??), be creative and use apps like the Repost App to repost any
viral videos you find!

3) Post regularly 

This is very important. If you don’t post consistently then you are at risk of your
followers going ghost and nobody likes being ghosted. Followers rely on you posting
content for them to engage with. Think about it, if you follow someone who is never
active you will just unfollow them because it’s a waste of a follow. Posting is also your
only way of growing. Followers share your posts, posts make the explore page, people
can find you based on your location, your hashtags and referrals. Remember,
consistency is everything.

4) Engage with existing followers 

Your followers love you, or they don’t, but that doesn’t matter because they follow you
for a reason. Anyway, you need to stay in touch with your existing followers because
they are your cheerleaders. There’s many ways to go about this; one is by commenting
back to comments on your posts. This is easy yet somewhat time consuming! If you
don’t have the time to engage with your own followers or want this process automated,
you can sign up to a website like Gramplify.com. Gramplify offers a 3 day free trial with
no payment information required.

5) Engage with other accounts 

You must reach out to other influencers/pages/brands/comedians/any account with
both a substantial following and a small following. By reach out I mean comment on
their posts, follow new people and actively like content from people you don’t follow.

This is important because it extends your pages reach. Thousands or even millions of
people will be seeing your @ on other people’s content, tons of people will love that
you are engaging with them and go back to your page and most importantly the love
will be shared. If you comment on someone’s post, odds are (if they aren’t famous) they
will check your account and comment something on your posts! Worst case scenario
they will appreciate you taking the time out of your day to show some love. Here is
where you need to put a value on your time and decide whether you will be using a
platform to engage on your behalf or stay manual. Gramplify offers all of these features,
prices reach as low as $0.35 per day after your free trial -

6) Post stories, A LOT of stories 

This tool released by Instagram earlier last year has turned Instagram into the highest
converted social media platform in the world. Let’s not forget, stories was a direct hit to
Snap Chat as they refused to sell out to Facebook. Stories allows you to post short
snippets, pictures, boomerangs, and more that disappear in 24 hours. People can find
your stories based on your location or hashtags you add in. One day you can go from
200 views to 2,000 because your story becomes ‘trendy’. There are influencers that
solely grew because of their outlandish Instagram stories. Whatever it is, Instagram
stories work, and they work well.

7) Do not buy fake followers 

This is a big no no. Instagram catches on to fake followers because they are ‘ghost’.
Ghost followers will either A) Get deleted from your follower count eventually or B) Stay
there but you will eventually be ‘shadow banned’ by Instagram. This means that
Instagram will not let as many people see your Instagram account which will
substantially drop your conversions because you bought fake followers! You are better
off using a software like Gramplify to get more real followers!

8) Stay specific 

Vertical, Vertical, Vertical. A vertical means you have a specific purpose. Pick a vertical
that is specific because people love niches. For example, Chris C. built a Sloth page from
0 followers to 50,000 in under 4 months solely by sticking to his Sloth vertical. Chris
never posted a picture of a monkey, rabbit, hamster, gorilla, or anything else for that
matter. Sloths and only sloths and that gave him success. 50,000 followers with 4,000
likes on average per post and over 50 comments each!


STAY WITH THE TIMES PEOPLE! Do you ever see someone you know post something
that just makes you wonder why you even follow them… Yea, whoever you are thinking
about right now, don’t be that guy. If you have an informative page, be informative and
keep people interested. If you have a comedy page you better be posting some god
damn funny sh*t! There’s enough people being boring out there, do your best to not be
one of them. Before you post something, think, would I find this amusing?

10) Join power like groups 

Power like groups are groups of influencers put together to like and comment on each
others posts. This does wonders both short and long term for a variety of reasons. 1) It
boosts exposure for everyone involved. 2) Your chances for making the popular page
quadruple. 3) There is a set of rules incorporated so that everyone has to participate.
You can find power like groups and their rules here ➡ T.me/pushchannel