Advanced Targeting

Don’t just stick to the basic targeting of tags and usernames. Expand your search with our location & gender targeting options. Want to get really specific? Check out our combination search options like hashtag + location.

Auto DM (Coming Soon)

Have you ever wanted to thank someone for following you? Here’s your solution – Gramplify auto DM! Choose between sending a DM to a new follower, someone you start following or both!


Watch your account’s growth increase week after week through our one of a kind analytics display. Compare stats week to week to see how yours or a client’s account is progressing. Need to send the analytics out? No problem, just export your analytics right into a .csv file.

Time Schedule

Choose when you would like to engage with users and posts. Choose from one of the presets, All, Daytime, Nighttime or make a custom time schedule to your liking. Your time only goes down when the program is active.

Scheduling Posts (Coming Soon)

Make your life easy and take care of all your Instagram business in one place. Queue up posts, Draft up posts or check your history to help manage your posts. Type in your caption, schedule the time you want your post to go up and you’re all set!

Multi-Account Dashboard (Agency Friendly)

With Gramplify, you can manage all of your Instagram accounts with a single dashboard! Simply purchase time and allocate it accordingly among your accounts (whether its 1 or 1,000).